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Photography workshop

San Francisco

Say Goodbye to Auto Mode. Once and for All

Beginners’ and Intermediate Level Digital Photography Workshops

Technical Instruction

Practical Instruction

The Iconic City of San Francisco, Ca is one of the most photographed cities in the world and one of the best places to learn and improve your photography skills, night photography, and digital photography. With a wide variety of landmarks and attractions to explore and photograph such as the legendary Golden Gate Bridge which traverses Golden Gate Strait between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Coast, Alcatraz prison park, the twists and turns of Lombard Street, or the eclectic energy of Haight Ashbury Street, or get swept away in the multi-ethnic culture of China town or the serenity of the parks and museums. Togher we will learn how to take photographs that last a lifetime. 

Who Is My Private Photography Class For?

  • If you love photography but can never find the time to master it then, my private one-on-one, 3-hour photography workshop is designed just for you.
  • If you’ve always loved the idea of photography, and you even bought a nice BIG camera…
  • You want to take amazing photographs, but you’re struggling with the technical aspects or just want to improve on your photography skills.

Does This Sound Familiar To You?

The photography workshops offer a personalized experience teaching you multiple photography techniques, how to use your camera’s many functions, what equipment you need and don’t need, as well as answering any burning questions you may have about cameras and photography, including:

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Your Private 3-Hour Session

Fundamentals of Photography

Aperture to shutter speed, depth of field to ISO. I’ll explain what they are and show you how to capture your best photos out of auto mode.

Types of Photography

You’ll encounter many photo opportunities on your own. With the fundamentals nailed down, I’ll show you the best settings for the different types of photography… and no you don’t have to shoot in full manual mode to capture the best photos.

Snapshots to Great Shots

Once you’ve gotten out of auto mode, I’ll teach you focusing techniques to assure sharp images, how to use f-stops to creatively control focus & basic composition techniques.

Equipment Options

Photographic equipment isn’t cheap. I can keep you from wasting money by walking you through how to get great pictures with the equipment you have and giving you advice on what lenses, accessories, and tripods are worthwhile.

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Intro to San Francisco Photography Workshop

Learn Photography in an Intimate and Personalized Setting. Was $299.00 Now $99 for a limited time! Say goodbye to auto mode once and for all!

Photography Workshop San Francisco Locations

Street photography classes and street photography workshops: San Francisco

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Photography Workshop Street Photography San Francisco
Photography workshop San Francisco China Town

Chinatown and the North Beach area Photography: San Francisco

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The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

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Photography workshop San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Photography workshop Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco

The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco

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The Iconic Golden Gate Bridge

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Photography Workshop The Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Why Choose A Private Photography Workshop in San Francisco?

I’ve combined two of the best things in life: photography and coffee.

The Cafe & Camera workshop is a judgmental-free, enjoyable experience where you can learn at your own pace, develop the skills you want, and discover your love for photography.

Here’s How It Works:

The entire workshop is all about you.


We Meet

We will meet at one of my favorite cafes or parks in the city.



I will give a presentation on basic skills that cover the most common types of photography. This is NOT a boring lecture format workshop, it’s a hands on experience where I teach you on YOUR camera: discussing the basics of photography without the camera jargon, using the settings you need to get the most out of your camera, and answering all camera and photography related questions you have.


Practical Experience

After we’ve covered the basics, you’ll have time to practice what you’ve just learned.

Here's What Equipment You Need To Have To Hone Your New Skills InThe Photography Workshop :

What Are People Saying About The Private Photography Classes?

Anthony is an outstanding teacher and it was not only educational but also a really really fun evening! He took time to explain everything over and over and helped out with my equipment, which is quite new and I wasn't all acquainted with. He was very patient and extremely knowledgeable. After our meeting at the first stop, he took us around in his car so that we were able to take pictures of several different iconic SF places. The following day, Anthony sent an email with all the tips and tricks from the night before and with some advice on which tripod to purchase (which I am planning to do). The pictures I went home with are stunning and the money for this experience could not have been spent any better! Thank you again, Anthony!
I've traveled to many different places but I've never been able to shift my perspective from a tourist to a creative the way that Tony showed me. His instruction and knowledge of the city are world-class. I learned more as a photographer and as a creative in one night with Tony than I did in some graduate-level classes. Tony is not only a professional but extremely down-to-earth and fun to spend time with. I could not recommend this experience more to anyone interested in photography or San Fransisco, regardless of skill level. Perhaps the best part of this experience for me was that Tony was able to help me capture the best picture I've taken in my life. That to me is priceless.
I would have rated Anthony more than 5 stars if I could. Anthony spoke with me in a professional and personable way, shared his expertise with me at my level, and showed me some techniques I had not seen before. He encouraged me to take some pictures my way and then gave some suggestions that resulted in better pictures right away. Anthony not only knows where to go for interesting pictures but also conveys why they are good spots and how to change your perspective for different compositions. On top of that, Anthony provides a good historical perspective of the places we visited in San Fransico. I had a wonderful and educational time and highly recommend Anthony to anyone wanting to take more interesting pictures.

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