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Hone Your Photography Skills with a Motivational PhotoHere Photo Planner

Whether you enjoy photography as a relaxing pastime or you’re trying to become a
sought-after professional knowing how to take high-quality photos is important. And
much of your success comes with being consistent with your efforts and knowing how to
constantly adapt to new environments, locations, and settings. But it can be challenging
to start taking beautiful pictures if you aren’t constantly challenged to photograph new

things, places, people, or settings. That’s why we developed the one-of-a-kind
PhotoHere Photo Planner; an in-depth guide for beginners and professionals who
are looking to be supported and inspired to pick up their camera, attach a lens, and
capture the world around them in rich, vivid detail.

Product Details:
• Weekly Photography Photo Planner and Organizer
• Inspires Organization, Motivation, and Learning
• 53 Weekly Challenges
• 12 Fully-Color Cheat Sheets
• 198-Page Photo Guide
• Supports Amateur and Professional Photographers
• 120 GSM Bleed-Resistant Recycled Paper
• Tearproof Fabric Back Pocket
• Two (2) Placeholder Ribbons

PhotoHere Photo Weekly Planner and Photography Guide, 198-Page To-Do List with
Photographer Activities, Full-Color Cheat Sheets, Inspirational Challenges, and Vision Boards

    • True Photographer Planning Guide – This advanced photo planner is a user-friendly guide to inspire and motivate photographers with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that help you learn, grow, and develop your skills with consistency.
    • Personal Development Goal Creation – Packed full of photography activities, photo challenges, habit-building tips, to-do lists, and vision boards to help establish long-term goals our undated weekly planner helps you become a better photographer.
    • Improve and Enhance Photography Skills – Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals with our weekly academic planner for photographers can help you better visualize and actualize pictures based on lighting, atmosphere, environment, people, and location.
    • Full-Color Camera Cheat Sheets – Taking a quality picture is more than just a point-and-click process. That’s why each weekly calendar planner also comes with 12 cheat sheets to help you better prepare composition, color, balance, and more.
    • Amateur and Professional Engagement – The PhotoHere daily weekly planner helps people of all skill levels hone their picture-taking abilities which can translate to many different areas such as personal, wildlife, nature, products, and artistic themes.