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Planning Is Progress

The Easy Way to Plan Your Photography Journey

Are you a photography enthusiast with a ton of lenses, a camera bag for every type of situation, yet you find yourself only taking photos when there’s a special event happening? Or maybe you are a casual mobile phone photographer that would like to share more than just pictures of your food. Well, worry no more about dusting off your gear or only having foodie photos in your feed. The PhotoHere Planner is designed for novices & experts a like. Use the PhotoHere Planner all year long, it will help you to stay motivated, organize your projects, chart your growth, learn new skills &, of course, experience the fun side of photography.

What Is It?

The PhotoHere Planner is a 198-page compact guide that makes photography fun & will take your photography to the next level. Every section of the planner is designed to help you learn by doing.

Product Details

  •  Weekly Photography Photo Planner and Organizer
  • Inspires Organization, Motivation, and Learning
  •  53 Weekly Challenges
  • 12 Fully-Color Cheat Sheets
  • 198-Page Photo Guide
  • Supports Amateur and Professional Photographers
  • 120 GSM Bleed-Resistant Recycled Paper
  • Tearproof Fabric Back Pocket
  • Two (2) Placeholder Ribbons
SPREAD skills and mindmap

Your Photography Skills

The PhotoHere Planner has 53 weekly photography challenges, to help keep you motivated in taking photos all year long.

Log Your Journey
And Take Better Photos

The PhotoHere Planner also has 12 full-color, easy to read, understand & execute, cheat sheets. These cheat sheets will help you recall what ‘such and such button is for’ & also challenge you to make more creative photos by using advanced camera features. You may want to go beyond challenges & cheat sheets on your photography journey, no problem. We’ve included a section in the planner to help you plan for your personal development.

The Photohere Cards
Discover Exactly Where to Take Memorable Photos

The Photo Here Cards show you EXACTLY where to go to take the best city shots, from famous monuments to hidden gems—plus pro tips to take amazing photos at each location.

If you love traveling and adventure, if you are always seeking out the best photo opportunities either on the road or in your own backyard, if you are constantly trying to take better photographs, the Photo Here Cards are for you.

Don’t waste your time searching online only to find the same 10 locations, site after site, page after page as everyone else. Now you can find the most interesting places along with everything you need to know to take incredible photographs when you arrive.

We’re launching with 3 cities: San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. But more are on the way!


Get the Perfect Shot

Take the guesswork out of what gear to bring and how to set up your shot. Quick tips and composition recommendations for that unforgettable shot. Each photo includes information on the camera make and model, ISO and shutter speed, focal length, and aperture used for the picture, easy-to-understand icons, recommended gear, and the best times to shoot.

San Francisco

How It Works

Choose from 50 location cards at each of the most photographic destinations on earth including New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco. Select the places you’d like to shoot and pack your gear!

New York City

Getting there

Simply scan a QR code with your smartphone, open your favorite map application and find your spot. Each card allows you to simply scan a QR code with your smartphone, open your favorite map application and find your spot. No cell coverage? No problem. GPS coordinates and the name of the nearest intersection guide you while shooting offline.
Photohere Lombard Street

Useful features

Every Compact 2.5″ X 3.5″ Poker Size Card Contains:

  • Location type (Architecture, Landscape/Cityscape, Landmark/Icon, People/Culture)
  • Beautiful photo of the location
  • Composition and settings tips from pro photographers
  • Coordinates of each location so you know how to get there
  • Safety recommendations
  • Accessibility issues
  • The best time of day to visit
  • Equipment and gear tips

Finding the perfect locations to photograph in a city takes forever

Finding the perfect locations to photograph in a city takes forever. Sure, you can use Google—but you’ll only find the same top 5 locations that everyone else is photographing. Then you have to research how to get there, how safe each location is, what time to visit—you’re looking at hours of work. Then once you start looking, you can easily waste a hours walking around scouting for places to shoot. And then once you’ve found your location to take the photos how can you be sure you have the right gear and your shots will turn out well? That’s why I created Photo Here Cards. I wanted a fast and easy way for photography enthusiasts like myself to discover and visit all the best locations in a city and get pro tips for taking stunning photos of each place.

Photohere New York
Photohere Chicago

What's Included?

Each card deck includes 50 location cards containing everything from famous landmarks to hidden gems. Using these, you can plan your shots in advance and spend more time creating and less time searching. Whether you want to discover new places in your own backyard or find the best photo opportunities on your next trip. You’ll discover exactly where to go, how to get there, what time to visit, and more—all by using convenient cards that fit comfortably in your bag, will never run out of batteries, and won’t let you down when you can’t find a signal. You’ll also find inspirational photos of each location taken by local experts and award-winning photographers, along with pro composition and gear tips so you can take the same amazing photos once you arrive.