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Photography Challenge

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We Can’t Wait To See What You’ll Come Up With
Everyone Loves A Challenge Plus Free Stuff!

This coming January 2019 PhotoHere will start hosting a guided photography challenge! Each week, a new assignment will be delivered to your inbox, giving you the opportunity to sharpen your skills & win some awesome prizes.

You’re on a mission. A mission to become an unstoppable, super creative, top-notch photographer. This Challenge is designed to not only recognize your talent but to help you build your skillset over a period of time.

We’re going to push your limits. We’ll push you to practice, put in hard work, and stimulate your creativity. And being consistent – taking part in the challenge every week, is just one of the ways that this challenge will help you become a better photographer.

And you know that becoming great – truly great – doesn’t happen without some support. Our community of fellow photographers will support you, motivate you, and give you the feedback you need to excel.

Finally, our Weekly Challenges will push you to take photographs you might never have taken before. We all get in ruts, and this Challenge is built around getting you to photograph outside the box.

Here Does It Work?

You’ll receive a weekly challenge in your inbox. You have 7 days to complete the photo challenge and submit the photograph to us. Each week, 2 photographers are named the winners, 1 voted on by peers and 1 chosen by our pro group.

What are the challenges?

Our challenges focus on simple compositions, anyone from camera phone to DSLR users are able to participate.
Below are 2 examples of what you can expect from our weekly photography challenges.

Abstracts: Look for an unusual subject that could be unrecognizable in a photograph, yet that has a unique style and quality to it that makes it appealing to the eye. Often abstracts give a different perspective on a place or subject and think of patterns, colors, textures, lines, and shapes when shooting.

Close ups: these should capture fine details that are easily missed with a casual view. Close up, or macro, photography cultivates an appreciation for the beauty of the everyday. It reminds viewers to take time to carefully examine their surroundings and appreciate the wonders all around.

What are the prizes?

A virtual High five , these challenges are for fun and to help you grow.

Why should I do this?

At PhotoHere, we’ve cultivated a fantastic community of top-notch photographers. If you’ve been searching for…

1. Motivation and support from like-minded individuals
2. A push to create better photos
3. The right to say your photograph won a contest 🙂

No strings attached; this contest is entirely free!

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